This is a trade website for Pokemon Black and White

Me and my friends will breed any pokemon you have trouble finding didnt choose as starter or just want to train somthin.  Here is how we work.
Ok First we only have LEGIT pokemon so we dont hack to get 'em and we work hard for our customers so dont give us hacked pokemon/items.  First, we take your request.  Then, we do our best to get stats as high as we can with breeding and ups its a long procces.  Also, we give special nicknames apon request.  So, once the pokemon is good enough for you guys as request we trade them.  Now, who ever you ask for well you must trade with.
We advise you book mark this page for future references.
 We DO NOT have pokemon black this had to be posted due to requests being checked.
 Now offering Starters

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last update 3/14/11